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Don't let COVID-19 end your business. Let us help you understand and utilize the CARES Act to get the most money you can from the $2,000,000,000,000.
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Let Us Help you Understand the
Loans and the CARES Act

This pandemic is impacting everyone in numerous ways. We want to help you and your business survive the effects of COVID-19, and help you take advantage of the CARES Act and SBA Loans. We want to help you through understanding the CARES Act to your business and navigate the forms for the SBA loans for FREE! We will directly guide you through the complexity of this process as well as eliminate the confusion and stress that it may cause.  

CARES Act Planning & FREE Forgivable Loan Application

  • Applications +Payroll Tax Deferral & Credits

  • Amended Returns

  • Access to Exclusive Facebook Page with Daily Updates and Consultation with J.D. Frost

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